Luxury Halloween Outfit Ideas

Halloween is a time for creativity, and its an opportunity to transform yourself into something extraordinary. This year, why not take your costume game to the next level with our luxurious sustainable Bleusalt clothing as your base.

In this first ever Bleusalt Blog Post we will explore some elevated costume ideas that will not only make you stand out but will also keep you comfortable in style.


Bleusalt is known for its luxurious, sustainable and incredibly comfortable clothing. By using Bleusalt as the foundation for your Halloween costume you can enjoy the softness of the fabric while looking elegant and unique and you can wear the clothing post Halloween!!!

See a few of our ideas below

Bleusalt Turtleneck Dress in Unbleached
The Turtleneck Dress in Unbleached
Bleusalt Turtleneck Dress in Black
The Turtleneck Dress in Black

Bleusalt Tube Skirt & 3 Yard Wrap in White
The Tube Skirt & 3 Yard Wrap in White

Bleusalt Legging & Bodysuit in Black
The Legging & Bodysuit in Black

Bleusalt Vest & A-line Skirt
The Vest in Navy & The A-line Skirt in black
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